ORTHOS Portfolio Trading specializes in residential distressed debt and as an asset management service provider. As a privately owned entity, PORTHOS is a privately owned entity that, focusses on the opportunities that lay in the distresses asset marketplace.

Our goal is to facilitate opportunities to our clients in the area of the acquisition and the sale of Performing and Non Performing Notes in both First and Second Trust Deeds. Porthos also performs the management disposition of asset portfolios: to include due diligence, underwriting, and the resolution of delinquent assets resulting in an enhanced ROI for investors.

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ORTHOS Portfolio Trading is recognized for its understanding of the marketplace and and bottoms-up approach to asset management. This is accomplished by understanding national and localized market conditions and Client expectations. PORTHOS continues to focus on the need to assess portfolio-level analytics, to make decisions in rapidly changing markets and execute efficiently.

As a result, PORTHOS is developing an integrated eco-system of companies that serve the full continuum of the distressed debt space. PORTHOS strategy is to blend high caliber talent with robust technology development and infrastructure, industry knowledge and relationships and analytics and apply them to achieve and exceed Client's portfolio objectives.

PORTHOS serves top hedge funds, financial institutions, banks, and servicing platforms nationwide, while partnering with Clients to provide full spectrum residential pool and portfolio management services around the distressed real estate assets in those pools.

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